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To register your product for the Totem Warranty program, please submit the following details about your purchase.

We'll handle the rest!


Congratulations on your Totem electric bike purchase! We are excited to share our products with you and strive to achieve 100% customer satisfaction throughout ownership of your Totem. We genuinely want you to be happy with your Totem electric bike. From the moment you unbox and assemble the bike throughout the life of the product, we will be here to support you.

Totem bikes purchased directly from TotemUSA will receive the following service regarding returns and refunds:

The Totem Warranty:

                Frame & Fork – Lifetime Warranty

                Battery – 1 Year Warranty

                Motor – 2 Year Warranty

                Display – 2 Year Warranty

                Wearable Parts – Tires, Tubes, Brakes – 30 days from delivery

Warranty Registration: You must register your Totem electric bike for our warranty program within 30 days of delivery. Please visit our website at to register by providing your original order details, including retailer and order number, along with the model and serial number, which can usually be found on the bottom bracket underneath the pedals. For mid-drive motors, the serial number may be located on the bottom face of the motor.


First things first – Did your bike arrive in good condition?

Throughout our experience shipping electric bicycles direct to customers nationwide we have designed and engineered our packaging to withstand its journey to your door. Finding what works and what does not work is the key to successfully shipping a large item to our customers. Our box has been approved by Bike Flights, the national bicycle shipping experts, as well as UPS and FedEx parcel courier services, to withstand multiple six-foot drops without damage to the bike. We kindly ask that you hold onto the original packaging for the first two weeks while ensuring you are satisfied with your purchase. While shipping bicycles is not rocket science, neither you as the customer, nor TotemUSA wishes to ship a large item unnecessarily. For returns, while TotemUSA will pay for return shipping, we do not provide empty boxes to ship the bike. Because the packaging was specifically engineered for your bike, the box itself can be re-used to ship your bike anywhere.


Shipping Damage - TotemUSA offers a specific set of guidelines for handling issues with shipping damage:

We kindly ask that you thoroughly inspect the bike upon arrival for any components damaged in shipping. We ask that this initial visual inspection be completed within 14 days of the delivery. This window allows us to process shipping damage claims with our agents to resolve situations outside of both parties’ control. Loose parts, paint scratches, dented fenders or frame damage, and missing components due to packaging damage are all items to consider.


If you believe that your bike has been damaged in shipping please contact us right away at We kindly ask that you submit clear photos of the damage to both the bike and the packaging.

What TotemUSA will do: Depending on the extent of the damage, we will make arrangements with you to repair or replace a Totem bike damaged during shipping. We distinguish between major and minor damage thresholds to determine whether repair or replacement is the right resolution on a case by case basis. An example of minor damage – a broken reflector. We will ship you a free replacement part right away for minor damage. TotemUSA will not replace the entire bike for minor damage. An example of major mechanical damage – a bent fork. TotemUSA will arrange return shipping for bikes with major damage and replace them with a new one.


No shipping damage? Great! Now that we are confident that the bike has arrived in good condition, we can begin assembly and test riding. We strongly encourage customers to take advantage of our free tune-up offer.

Free Tune-Up: Your safety is our top priority. TotemUSA offers a free tune-up for your new bike at no cost to you. We feel this is an important part of the process as an online retailer of electric bikes. Traditional brick and mortar bike shops assemble and test their bikes in-house so that you can ride it out of the showroom. Bicycles purchased online and shipped to customers require some assembly and can benefit from a professional tune-up. Most basic bicycle tune-ups cost between $40 and $75 and include – proper rider sizing and fit, derailleur and gear set adjustments, disc brake adjustments, proper torque specification for fasteners, spot wheel truing, and a safety check. TotemUSA does not have an agreement with any particular bike shop – this allows customers to choose their favorite highly-reviewed local bike shop based on positive community feedback. Simply choose your shop, schedule your service appointment, and share their contact information with us. Our Support Team will reach out to your preferred shop directly to leave payment. Alternatively, you can submit an invoice directly to us for reimbursement.

In the first two weeks: Ride, ride, ride! The best way to judge an electric bike’s quality is to ride it. Whether you ride on weekends for recreation, or a daily commute to work, getting some miles on the odometer in the first two weeks is important. Test the capability of the bike to your standards and typical riding conditions. Each rider and riding environment is unique. It is imperative that the bike’s performance standards meet your expectations. If you have any questions about the performance of your bike, please let us know.

Manufacturer’s Defects: Each Totem bike is rigorously tested and tuned by our knowledgeable technicians and engineers before it arrives to your door. If you believe that your Totem electric bike has a manufacturer’s defect, we ask that you reach out to us describing the issue. Documenting photos or videos of suspected defects will greatly improve the process for both of us. Distinguishing between damage sustained during shipping versus manufacturer’s defect is important. TotemUSA distinguishes between major and minor defects and their appropriate resolution on a case by case basis. For example:  A defective display can easily be replaced by the user. TotemUSA will not replace an entire bike where the display alone should be replaced. We are committed to your satisfaction and promise to resolve any issues promptly and professionally. We take responsibility for the craftmanship of our products and standby our quality control.


User Error: Damage caused by user error will not be covered by TotemUSA. Please remember that your safety is our top priority. Cycling on public roadways involves inherent risks. The use of electric motors with bicycles adds a level of risk, primarily because others around you may not anticipate your speed. Please wear appropriate safety equipment, use proper lighting at night, and always use cycling hand signals for navigating traffic. Damage caused to components through accident, negligence, or misunderstanding of local traffic regulations are examples of user error. Set-up errors, such as incorrect pedal installation resulting in stripped pedal crank threads, are another example of user error. Another example: motor overheat – where the motor is damaged from operating in high temperatures with a heavy load. Your Vinka Smart Display will record any error codes from the onboard computer. TotemUSA will review these error codes for manufacturer’s defects to determine the appropriate resolution.

Refunds: If you find that you are unhappy with your Totem electric bike within the first 14 days, TotemUSA will refund your purchase in full. Any returns beyond 14 days from delivery of the bike will be subject to a restocking fee. This restocking fee ranges from $150 to $250 depending on the model and helps us cover the cost of warehousing and reconditioning of used bikes. This fee is non-negotiable and is agreed to by both parties at the time of purchase. Again, while TotemUSA will pay for return shipping, we do not provide empty boxes to ship the bike. If you no longer have the original packaging for the bike, you will need to source an appropriate box and packaging to ensure a safe return to us. Refunds are processed once we receive the returned bike at our office located at: 119 South Tennessee St. McKinney, TX 75069 Please make sure to include the keys, pedals, multi-tool, and any additional components that were originally included with your bike.

TotemUSA is committed to your satisfaction with our products. We promise to resolve any issues promptly and professionally to the best of our ability. Thank you for choosing Totem!

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