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Customer Support

How can Totem help you? We pride ourselves on providing the best Customer Service in the industry. Our U.S.-based Support Team is standing by to assist you. Call, text, or email today!
*Please note - the Totem Free Tune Up Policy does not apply to promotional sales

Check out our new unboxing videos below!



Note: FAQ Section is being updated for new TC3 and MX1 customers. Reach out to the Totem Support Team with any specific questions in the meantime.


Helpful Resources 

Our friends at Park Tool have created an amazing line-up of instructional videos addressing the most common bike maintenance procedures. We highly recommend their tools and accessories. Please subscribe to their channel for more great content! 

Bike Fixing

We Are Ready To Help

At TotemUSA, we are committed to not just getting you on the road with a great bike, but keeping you there.  That is why our support team is here and ready to help.  Whether it is a question about a feature on your bike or an issue that needs to be addressed, please call, text, or email us today!

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