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About Us

TotemUSA was founded in 2017 to bring an outstanding line of high-quality electric bikes to the U.S. market at an affordable price. The Totem brand is an internationally recognized symbol of quality and innovative design. Totem electric bikes are sold in 140 countries worldwide. We proudly support our communities by offering efficient, economical, and environmentally friendly transportation from a brand you can trust.

Now featuring the Zen Rider - the first UL 2849 certified electric bike in North America. In collaboration with Panasonic Automotive, the two-axle drive system boasting the highest consumer safety standard available. Voted CES 2022 "Best in Micromobility" For more information please contact us at


Why Totem? 

With over 35 years of experience in the Cycling industry and pricing direct from the manufacturer –you will not find a bike with more features at a better price!


Find out why people are talking about Totem!



“The bike was delivered well protected and easy to set up. The electric push is exhilarating. The seat and handle grips feel like premium materials and the cabling is well dressed and hidden. A folding electric bike that includes front and rear disc brakes, front and rear fenders, and a rear rack is an incredible deal.”



“I love this bike. I live in a hilly area and as someone who hasn’t touched a bike in 10+ years I certainly wouldn’t be able to ride up hills. I weigh 240 pounds and this bike takes me up hills with little to no effort.”



“We have owned two Totem CS-240 bikes and tooled around Key West since July 2018 with them as our main transportation. We bought two of the new model CS-260’s so we can share our experience with our visiting friends! The bikes are such a pleasure. Best bikes on the market at this price point, hands down. Did I mention they only weigh 44 pounds and fit in our car trunk!”



“These are great, high-quality bikes – especially at this price point. Very light for an electric bike. Arrives fully assembled and charged. It’s an awesome folding bike when compared to higher end non-electric folding bikes. Riding it is very enjoyable and the bikes hold up well even when riding on a rougher trail.”



“I had never ridden an e-bike before and ordered this one because I needed a good folding bike and saw the great reviews. It has exceeded my expectations and I feel energized while I’m riding. Had a few questions about the bike and Totem’s Customer Service was great. Very nice bike, I definitely recommend it!”



“I purchased this bike for short range commutes – mainly around campus or the beach and I love it! The bike folds easily and is light enough for me to pick up and store in my trunk. Everything is adjustable and the battery lasts all day using pedal assist. I had some questions and Customer Service was prompt and friendly. There are many options out there but I’m so glad we purchased this one!”



“I’ve really been enjoying this bike. I live in a very congested urban setting where space is at a premium so a folding 20” bike definitely fit the bill. The bike is very well made and feels lighter than I anticipated. Fantastic customer service was the primary reason I selected Totem over other brands in the same price range.”



“So glad I made the switch to a pedal assisted electric bike. It has really changed how I view my own mobility. I don’t really need to drive short distances. The foldie is great – good build quality and great response from Totem with questions.”



“It took me a long while to make the decision to buy this bike. I am very happy with my decision. The bikes rides super nicely, it’s made of quality materials, great brakes and gears, adaptable to different rider heights (I’m 6’ 3”). I also had a great experience with customer support. They were very responsive and helpful with all my questions before deciding to the buy the bike.”

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